Risk and Safety management software to help you create a safer workplace

Tap into Safety is excited to announce a key strategic partnership with Vault Intelligence a leading provider of cloud based risk and safety management software to improve their hazard reporting and mental health management capabilities.

Break down barriers

Create a powerful line of communication between staff on the ground and your executive team.

Manage risk

Vault is your eye in the sky. With increased visibility, you can prevent incidents from occurring.

Reach compliance

 Vault’s tools can help you achieve compliance standards, protecting and future-proofing your business.

Vault Intelligence Partnership

Vault combines the best practice of health, safety, risk management and compliance in one comprehensive platform. With all-in-one approach to EHS, businesses can easily meet and exceed their safety and compliance goals.

Risk Management

  • Document new process and risk events as they happen.
  • Manage both site and project risks with multiple risk assessments.
  • Use comprehensive reports to make quick, informed decisions for your business.

Compliance Management

  • Improve business processes by sharing and storing documents in one place.
  • Assign, track and escalate corrective actions to improve accountability.
  • Track KPIs, including events, incidents and lead/lag indicators.


Governance Management

  • Build and maintain your enterprise’s governance across all areas, from finances to insurance.
  • Measure and share your performance on customised dashboards.
  • Create custom reports or use our best-of-breed, international standard templates.


People Management

  • Keep track of your employees, volunteers or contractors.
  • Manage injuries and rehabilitation with empathy and efficiency.
  • Ensure your people meet the training requirements to do their job effectively.


Learn more about Vault Intel Here