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By November 22, 2018 December 23rd, 2018 Workplace health and safety, Workplace mental health
Tap into Safety

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of Tap Into Safety 2.0. We have listened to our customers who are looking for a simple, holistic solution and have now consolidated both the safety and mental health training under the one banner to create a complete 360-degree platform to tackle physical and psychological workplace safety.

What Does this Mean?

What this means is that all clients now have access to both Hazard Insight and All of Me training content for a single annual subscription, on the single Tap Into Safety platform. 

The safety training includes 16 pre-built training modules that you can start using right away, or as always, we can build custom modules for you. These are a fantastic inclusion into your current safety induction via a URL link integration, as a starting point before reusing in refresher training as a preventative action or after an incident or near miss.

  1. Access/Egress and Roll Away
  2. Plant Worker Interface – Roadworks
  3. Commercial Construction Working at Height
  4. Residential Construction Working at Height
  5. Warehouse
  6. Maintenance Workshop
  7. Warehouse Yard
  8. Minor Capital Works
  9. Routine Maintenance
  10. Traffic Management
  11. Tunnel Maintenance
  12. Main Roads WA Sign Erection Requirements
  13. Commercial Kitchen
  14. Scaffold – Working on and Around
  15. People and Plant – Construction
  16. Traffic Control

Tap into Safety

The mental health training includes 10 pre-built modules, that are now also available as stand alone training that can be incorporated into your safety induction to start the mental health conversation when you begin with a new employee, before extending to a wider ongoing annual programme using the same solution. The beauty of this approach is the collection of data at the start of their employment contract, that can be compared on their journey with your organisation.

  • Workplace Bullying
  • Grief and Loss
  • Alcohol and Depression
  • Relationship Breakup
  • Change and Burnout
  • Self-harm and Suicide
  • Illicit Drug Use
  • Sexual Harassment
  • FIFO Transition to Home
  • FIFO Away at Key Times

Tap Into SafetyWhy is it Important?

Management of workplace health and safety has changed significantly in the past year. Internationally, there has been a greater focus on the mental health and well-being of employees. Workplace health and safety has taken on a holistic responsibility for both physical and psychological injury. Businesses are encompassing this change as the Regulators move to enforce through legislative requirements. Tap Into Safety is at the forefront of these changes and recognise the need to extend the safety induction to include interactive training for both areas. While including safety content into inductions can be somewhat easier for organisations; making it engaging, fit for purpose and easily consumed by all, is another matter. Finding interactive, sensitive mental health content on typical workplace topics that affect mental health, is definitely not easy. We solve those problems for you and you can start using the content immediately.

What Else Can We Expect?

Currently, the safety training supports pre-built and custom-built training and assessment modules, built for each client, using 360-degree panoramic images of your work areas with workplace hazards photo-shopped in where they can’t be safely staged. We offer training content for each as images supported by audio and also as fully animated videos. The software is supported by our Cloud-based reporting package which provides individual and company results around pre-set filters, e.g. site, role, age.

In 2019, the Tap Into Safety platform will extend further and grant clients access to:

  1. Pre-built safety training content that can be cloned, which allows customers the ability to add or remove training content and to edit control and critical control measures,
  2. A ‘build your own’ capability in the safety training where clients can upload their own photographic images, assign hazards they wish to train on, upload training materials (with or without audio support) and create their own control and critical control measures, and
  3. Multiple-language capabilities for training modules and reporting across the entire platform.

Currently, mental health training has 10 pre-built modules. In 2019, we plan a further modules on topics such as workplace conflict, financial stress, gambling, fatigue management, and discrimination. There have been requests from customers to develop modules specifically for Managers and as they are built these will be added to the platform. In addition, we will be adding support training, for example, mindfulness programmes that employees can access directly through the platform.

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