Make use of the Tap Into Safety training platform with no lock in contract, no annual license or subscription fees, you simply pay for what you use with our flexible pay as you go system.

  • Credits cost $10 each (exclusive of sales tax)
  • Minimum purchase is 20 credits
  • Unused credits expire after 12 months
  • You can purchase credits at any time they are required
  • On average, a staff member uses three credits per year
  • An Unlimited Annual Plan is available for more than 10,000 credits

How many credits do you require?

*minimum 20 credits



Unlimited Annual Plan

Need more than 10,000 credits? Please contact us on the form below to discuss our Unlimited Annual Plan.

Custom Content

If you would like to personalise content for your workplace, please contact us on the form below to discuss our Custom Content.

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