Highlight and address early warning indicators of high risk factors within your workforce

Hazard Perception Training Software

Increase safety engagement

Engage workers to keep the safety topic alive. Immerse the worker in their own work environment by using iPads and devices that are used everyday.

Actionable results

Reports of individual workers and company-wide are available to make informed decisions around safety and the organisations workforce.

Identify high-risk workers

Assess workers before they work within the organisation or project. Increase compliance, complement your safety induction and protect the organisation by eliminating risk.

Hazard Perception

Your environments, your hazards

Custom training scenarios to address the problems and critical risks relating to your unique work environment

Improve Workplace Safety

Value through scale

The more training completed, equals more engagement, more data and more evidence for compliance

Safety Training Software

Anywhere, anytime

Safety training software on mobile devices and the web for increased accessibility

A proven method to reduce injuries

1. Hazard spotting and perception

Hazard perception is critical for reducing injuries in a preventative manner. Risk blindness and induction deafness are causes of increased safety risk. Our hazard perception training improves hazard perception by immersing the worker in their environment and guiding them through a hazard spotting game.

2. Training content and control measures

Identifying hazards is the first step, then the user is taught safety content in a visually engaging way. The audio and visual content assists workers that have literacy concerns. Testing and reinforcing the controls (including critical) achieves  behavoural change to reduce injuries.

3. Understand what your workers do and do not know

A diagnostic tool, the reporting analytics provide management with an understanding of the safety knowledge retained from training. Use to trend and showcase the gaps in knowledge. Make informed decisions to improve safety operations and processes.

4. Custom and pre-built content

Address your key concerns with custom-built content developed in your work areas.

Custom content
  • Tailored to your organisation
  • Targeted Needs-Based Training
  • Compliance and behavioural change
Pre-built content
  • Immediate deployment
  • Built to best practice
  • Proven results

5. Quick and easy integration

Our cloud-based platform allows your organisation to access hazard insight from anywhere, on any device using a one-click link for easy integration into any workflow.

Priced to suit your needs

Our plans scale to suit your exact organisational requirements

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