Identify and address early indicators of Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

Organisations perform better when they support their biggest asset – their people.

Engage and develop your workforce

Effective mental health training has been proven to have positive benefits for organisations. Increase performance, reduce turnover and help prevent absenteeism

Understand your workforce diagnostics

Identify priority areas through the comprehensive reporting to help you make effective decisions to improving mental health support, saving time and money

Build reputation and be recognised

Various awards and programs acknowledge innovative mental health initiatives. All of Me can help get you there, e.g. HR Institute of Australia Mental Health Award

Every dollar spent on effective workplace mental health initiatives can generate $2.30 of benefits to the organisation (PwC, 2014)

All of Me trains staff to know what, and what not to do in common workplace situations that can impact negatively on mental health. It softens barriers and encourages engagement by having staff play through animated workplace scenarios.

By guiding staff through the scenarios, it’s like saying, “Hey, it’s okay if you are feeling anxious, here’s what we can do about it”. Strategies are offered and mental health understanding is improved through using the solution.  The non-invasive delivery encourages staff to seek help.

Fits in with existing programs

Whether you have multiple programs, or none – All of Me is easy to implement and works with you in proactive mental health training

Workplace relevant scenarios

Scenarios are based on situations most relevant to staff including workplace bullying, substance misuse, and relationship breakdown

mental health training software

Mobile devices and the web

Familiar, accessible, easy to use and  implement within the organisation and encourages empathy and personal engagement

Are you interested in how All of Me can improve your workplace mental health culture?