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Tap Into Safety is a technology company on a mission to reduce injuries in high risk workplaces. Underpinned by university research, the business combines interactive technology with modern learning practices to produce a methodology that focuses on the individual worker.

In 2012, Tap Into Safety founders Susanne Bahn and Geoff Bahn identified a key problem. While mandatory safety training and site inductions were commonplace, it was inexperience, hazard blindness and worker stress that were the greatest factors contributing to work related injuries and fatalities. They set out to solve what they saw was a largely unaddressed problem within industry: the lack of engagement in safety and mental health training.

The vision is to move the safety induction from compliance ‘tick and flick’ to its real purpose of ensuring new employees know how to work safely in the work environment they are about to go into. This includes training on both physical and mental health hazards that commences at the safety induction and extends into ongoing refresher and workplace training programmes.

Strategic Partnerships

Tap Into Safety Founders

Dr. Susanne Bahn

Director and CEO

With over 11 years’ consultancy and 9 years’ research including more than 50 published journal articles, Sue knows her way around safety in hazardous workplaces. Her specific expertise focuses on induction deafness, risk blindness and risk management. A passionate individual, Sue is on a mission to lift the safety standard across Australia and internationally. Her qualifications include a PhD (Business – Health and Safety Management), a Masters in Human Resource Management, a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education. In July 2017, Sue was appointed as a panel member of the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Small Business Finance Advisory Panel.

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Geoff Bahn

Director and CFO

Geoff has a background in service delivery, followed by 18 years’ as a management trainer improving productivity and safety processes. He has a proven record of assisting culture change and management improvement. As a safety process veteran, Geoff believes safety should be simple and effective to improve organisations. Geoff’s qualifications include a Graduate Diploma of Business (Management Studies), Diploma in Frontline Management, Certificate IV in Occupational Health & Safety and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment.

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Safety Awards

Internationally-recognised safety expertise combined with in-house software development

Forged from research, our mental health and safety training platform is tailored to address workforce challenges that are impacting your organisation.

We understand the need to provide holistic training that brings together physical and psychological risk.

We understand the busy schedule of the Safety professional, that’s why we work with you, to identify the critical areas and produce training content tailored to your industry.

10+ years of university research and 50+ journal articles underpin the Tap Into Safety Platform

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