Keeping workers physically and mentally safe

Workplace Safety Training

Take eLearning to the next level to engage workers in your safety training

Interactive and high-quality training with pre-built or custom content.
Classroom, computer and mobile friendly delivery.
Complement your safety induction and refresher training.

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Mental Health Training

Interactive, early intervention mental health training and assessment

Train, gauge and improve your workplace mental health.
Prebuilt content on workplace topics delivered via animated stories.
Predict staff in early decline through a validated assessment.

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The platform offers all prebuilt safety and mental health content, custom content and indepth reporting

Proven to Reduce Injuries

Unparalleled methods to reinforce mental health coping strategies and hazard awareness skills

Enhance Decision Making

In-depth reporting empowers informed decisions around safety and mental health to reveal staff at risk

Move Beyond Basic Compliance

Enhance and extend existing training to create a positive behavioural change to keep workers safe and well

We like the approach that Tap Into Safety have taken to engage staff in training to achieve improved knowledge retention. We also like the visual reports that show gaps in retained knowledge

Lendlease Maintenance Services

Tap Into Safety has enabled the Flexible Pavements and Traffic Management Industry to measure knowledge retention in regards to hazard identification and understanding hierarchy of control processes amongst operational employees.

Australian Asphalt Pavement AssociationTanja Conners - Training Director

I would recommend Tap Into Safety to those organisations wanting to take the next step and become proactive when managing mental health issues.

Chandler Macleod Group Quentin Hearn, Group Manager OHS

Research Backed Methods

Reduction in injuries
Reduction in equipment damage frequency
Increase in staff seeking help for declining mental health

Internationally-recognised safety expertise combined with in-house software development

Forged from research, our safety and mental health training platform is tailored to address workforce challenges that are impacting your organisation.

We understand the need to provide holistic training that brings together physical and psychological risk.

We understand the busy schedule of the Safety professional, that’s why we work with you, to identify the critical areas and produce training content tailored to your industry.

10+ years of university research and 50+ journal articles underpin the Tap Into Safety Platform

Are you interested in how our mental health and safety software platform can improve your workforce?