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The Tap Into Safety platform provides a visually engaging safety training suite that has modules to suit any workplace. Training content is available as prebuilt and ready to use, or alternatively custom modules can be developed.

Hazard spotting is delivered via our interactive 360 degree panoramas and supported by training images and audio or fully animated videos to provide an engaging experience.

Combined with our in-depth reporting system that allows you to generate safety knowledge gap reports and comparative reports with a click of a button, determining your workplace’s safety weak points has never been this easy.

The Tap Into Safety platform has a selection of prebuilt mental health training modules that address common workplace issues that impact on mental health.

With animated scenarios discussing and demonstrating the topic along with promoting a series of coping strategies, this training is engaging and informative.

However, that is not all the Tap Into Safety mental health modules provide. Using the DASS-21 scale as a base we have created a visually engaging mental health quiz that workplaces can use to assess if their staff have an emerging mental health issue. The platform encourages users to seek help with access to multiple services including a direct link to their workplace’s EAP.

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